The Power of COLOR

Could you change your life, simply by painting your home another color?  Or would swapping out the neutral-colored pillows on your sofa with brightly colored pillows or a fun throw improve your life?

Well, I can’t promise it will make your problems go away, but it just may be the uplifting change you need in your life!

Did you know you have a color story?  I didn’t!  Keep reading to find out what I learned from Moll Anderson’s BRAND NEW book Change your HOME; Change your LIFE with COLOR.  (Pre-order now and receive March 14th!)

You have probably noticed you react to color; some colors evoke feelings of stress or anxiety, while others promote feelings of calm, confidence, or strength.

Did you know that we all react to colors differently?  This is important to consider if you are responsible for decorating areas where multiple people live (i.e. your home with a spouse and children!).

In her book, Moll says that “color is an amazing source of energy and has a sensory effect on all of us.  It affects our moods, our feelings, and even our behaviors.  Color is a language that can be used to express many things about you that aren’t immediately expressed in words” (11).

If you grew up in a bedroom with certain colors, or were around people who wore a specific color but who treated you badly, etc. it is very possible that you will associate that color with negative feelings and develop a dislike for it, even if you couldn’t articulate why this was the case.  “When you let go of pain, your heart and mind open up, and this allows you to have space to refill your mind, heart, and soul with joy and energy ..img_9386. when you are filled with energy and joy, so is your home” (15).

This is simply a beautiful book, rich in color and filled with design tips, a plethora of pictures, and random trivia on the different colors and styles.  (Did you know that the first color we stop being able to view at twilight is red? 172).

A large section of the book is devoted to individual colors.  Moll shows a variety of pictures from clothing, food, home design, and nature showcasing that color.  She includes fun quotes, stories, and color lessons to help you find colors to truly rock your world!  There’s also a few sections with questions and room to write your answers as you seek to discover your color story and watch your life sparkle as you implement your new-found color preferences!



  • If you love wearing a certain color, then you can most definitely add that color to your home! (But feel free to start with just one wall in a room, or one piece of furniture in that color!)  🙂
  • A cost-effective way to get started – choose different colored flowers each week to enjoy at home!  Their freshness will add life to your home, while you can experiment with different colors and observe the way you feel with different hues.  Moll recommends especially adding flowers to your bedside table, so you can enjoy their scent as you fall asleep at night.  (I love this tip!  I like to get fresh flowers for my kitchen, but I may just have to start adding some to my bedside too!)
  • Maybe you’re like me and tend to stick with neutral colors because they feel “safer.”  Never fear!  Moll says there’s nothing wrong with neutral tones; in fact, those neutrals are a fantastic backdrop to feature accessories or fun art pieces to bring a wonderful “pop” of color to any room (202).


This is one of those beautiful, hard-backed books that would look lovely sitting on your coffee table.  And who knows?  Maybe you’ll inspire a guest in your home to get bold with color in their life too!

Let me know; what’s your favorite color?  What was the first item you had in that color; what emotion does it evoke in you?  I’d love to hear from you!


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