Stitch Fix … for Guys!!

I’m just curious, have you heard of Stitch Fix?  Have you tried it?  (if so, I’d love to hear from you and know what you thought!)

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically an online shopping assistant, especially helpful if you don’t have much time to shop, don’t have access to a lot of stores in your area, or if you have fallen into a rut and always choose the same clothes and are interested in a new style!

My husband wears a uniform to work … and since he usually works six days a week, that doesn’t leave much room for styling!  🙂

He tends to wear casual clothes,  usually jeans/shorts and a t-shirt, but his upcoming birthday had him wanting some new items to spruce up his life wardrobe.

Chris went online and filled out a survey with his size, current color/style choices, etc. and then eagerly awaited his box!

It arrived a day earlier than scheduled (very prompt!).  When he opened the box, there was a nicely wrapped stack of clothes inside.  Everything was very professional and packaged in a pleasing manner (pictured slightly opened).

One benefit of Stitch Fix is that you get to try on the clothes in your own home and you can also compare the items with others in your wardrobe when you are trying to decide if an item will work for you!

Chris received five items:  a casual baseball style t-shirt, a wide-striped casual shirt, a pair of black jeans (he’s only ever worn blue jeans!), a button-up dress shirt in a handsome, medium-blue shade, and a gray-and-purple striped flannel button-up shirt that paired nicely with the black jeans.

You pay $20 for your Stitch Fix box, but then that fee can go towards the items in your box.  If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount … which is good as the items were a bit more pricey than what we normally buy!  (Shipping is free both ways.)

If you’ve been following the blog for a little while, you know we are working on decluttering and organizing our home this year.  In that vein, we are trending towards higher-quality items instead of a high quantity of items.  So while we may not have previously purchased these brands in the past, now we would choose one pair of high-quality jeans that he could wear on a regular basis instead of 3-4 pairs of decent jeans that would not be quite as comfortable or last quite as long.

So are you curious about what he thought??

He was pleasantly surprised at the black jeans, especially as he would have never chosen them for himself!  We tried to be positive about the gray and purple flannel shirt, but it’s just not him … at least not yet!  haha!

Because he doesn’t usually wear black jeans, he doesn’t have a belt or shoes to wear with the ones he received.  While the pair he tried on looked sharp and were comfortable, he decided that at this point it wasn’t worth buying the jeans as he’d have to spend more for shoes and a belt before he would be able to wear them.

The flannel shirt was also returned, especially when we decided not to keep the jeans, as it was just a bit too much of a stretch to pay for something we didn’t absolutely love.

The wide-striped shirt was also ultimately returned.  It was nice, though the stripes appeared to be screen-printed on and we weren’t sure how well those would hold up in the wash.  But basically it came down to the cost of the items.

Chris opted to keep the casual blue baseball-style tee and the fitted blue dress shirt from this first fix.  He wore the new dress shirt to church yesterday and it looked quite sharp!  The slim/athletic cut was flattering and the material was comfortable so it was a win/win!

He enjoyed trying on some different items than what he would usually gravitate towards in a store, and he thinks he’d enjoy receiving a new stitch fix once or twice a year.  (You get to choose how often or when you want to get a box!)

If you haven’t tried it yet, you may be pleasantly surprised by a new style or color to enhance your wardrobe.

Check them out here, and then be sure to come back and comment with what you thought of your fix!

I hope to try a stitch fix for myself later this year, so stay tuned for how that goes! 🙂





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