My Raindrop Experience!

I recently injured my knee in a barre class.  (If you’re unfamiliar with barre, it’s a newly popular exercise that combines dance/ballet type moves with yoga stretches and cardio.)

I was taking a break from my cycle classes and enjoying working the smaller muscles in my body, until one class when I tweaked my knee.

A visit to the doctor revealed an injured IT band (which runs from my knee to my hip) with rest being the prescribed treatment.

Sadly, living in a townhouse with little kids means my knees don’t get much rest!  I continued to be in pain when I decided to try the raindrop!

The raindrop technique involves a practitioner applying several essential oils on the bottom of the feet, followed by a similar regimen of oils dropped along the spine (hence the term, “raindrop technique”).

I was curious to see if the raindrop would help, and while I knew it couldn’t hurt me, I wasn’t overly optimistic.

However, I was in for a very pleasant surprise!

The first step involves valor on my feet while the practitioner crosses her arms and waits for my energy to equalize.

It. Was. Amazing!!

I couldn’t believe the feeling.  I lay on a table and could feel the energy moving from my feet to my head and back again.

She applied the oils to my feet and then began on my spine.   This is where it got really exciting.

As she dropped the oils on my back, I began to feel sensations in my left knee.  I felt the energy moving in my left arm and my left thigh (where my injury was!) and the best way I can describe it is like it was releasing tension.

It was so interesting to me as she was only dropping oils on my back; she wasn’t touching my knee or doing anything to draw attention to my injury.

After the technique was finished, I got up from the table and could walk – no pain!!  I was shocked and so thankful!!

The raindrop technique has been found to help many people with various problems; from infertility to chronic pain and other issues.

If you’re in the northern Virginia area, you can visit Victoria at her Reston location and tell her I sent you!

If you’re not local, I highly recommend finding a local provider who could help you find the same awesome benefits I experienced!

I’m curious, have you ever experienced the Raindrop technique?   What benefits did you receive?

Victoria’s contact info is:

A Touch of Healing
11250 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 23
Reston, VA 20190
Office 703-326-9480
Cell: 703-727-1559

Don’t forget, quality matters, especially when you’re dealing with essential oils!  You can find what we use and even get a kit of the Raindrop Oil Collection for yourself through

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