How do you define success?

Some people might define success as an Olympic gold medal, but something tells me Michael Phelps wouldn’t feel successful if he only had one medal!

Winston Churchill said that “success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”   Zig Ziglar believed that “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

Robert Collier stated that “success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in, day out.”

So how would you define success?

I usually think of success as the completion or attainment of a particular goal.  With that mindset, we would need to carefully delineate the goals we are striving to achieve and then determine if we had accomplished that particular achievement.

But perhaps observing what wise men like Churchill said will help us re-frame our thinking – in short, success occurs when we don’t give up.  When we stop trying, when we stop working towards a goal, when we fail to get back up after a fall, there is no way we can succeed!

Today’s thought is a short one, but I challenge to spend some moments pondering your definition of success.

What would a successful day look like for you?  What about a successful job or successful relationships?

Are you working on that relationship or project that came to mind?  If you have gotten stalled in your efforts, or if you have been weighed down by the loftiness of that goal, remember that you can still succeed when you choose to keep working at it!

Don’t let others’ opinions of success overrule your inner drive.  Focus on what you know to be important and keep striving for that goal!   The road may be rocky, and the terrain may be rugged, but you must keep going to find success!




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