Busyness is a hollow trophy

“So much time and so little to do.  Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.”

 – Willy Wonka

Have you ever noticed how busy we are?  (and if you haven’t, maybe you really need to just take a deep breath for a minute!)

It seems like we pride ourselves on how busy we are….but that seems to be where the pride stops.  Our generation doesn’t seem to care if we are actually accomplishing lots of things or anything, just that we are busy.

We juggle trying to do what Mr. Jones says a good parent should do, what Ms. Smith says a good employee should accomplish, what Timmy’s mom is doing for their family, what Sally’s dad does for her….But do we ever take a minute to just evaluate what we are doing and more importantly, why we are doing it?

We have these crazy long to-do lists, these high expectations that we push to achieve, expectations that we most likely have unnecessarily placed on ourselves.

I think we mistakenly believe that Rachel and Sandra and Kevin are expecting us to live a certain way and are evaluating whether or not we meet these ridiculous amounts of activities; but the truth is, Rachel and Sandra and Kevin are so busy keeping up with their own made-up lists of requirements, that they don’t have time to analyze us as much as we think they do.

Busy, busy, busy…but for what?  Do we live better lives?  We have more advanced technology, sure.  And it’s obvious that we have a lot of modern conveniences which isn’t a bad thing…but do these “conveniences” and technology really improve the quality of our lives?

I think there is no doubt that technology and services we have available to us today can improve our life, but we have to consciously choose for that to happen.  If we are just succumbing to the latest gadget craze because it is “the thing” to do…well, maybe that isn’t a good enough reason!

This isn’t a deep post, but rather one to just challenge you to take time to reflect on what is filling up your schedule.  Are you busy for busy’s sake, or are you accomplishing things that will last?  Are you building relationships with your friends and family that will last long after your kids grow up or your friends move away?

Are you pouring into the lives of others and making a difference?  You can!  It doesn’t even have to be in some grand way, some people just want to know that they are seen and that they matter – show someone that they matter to you.  You may just be amazed at how wonderful life can be when it’s not full of random busyness.

Busy without purpose is a hollow trophy.  Use your time for something that matters.


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