Release the Introvert Power!

And all the introverts said, “What?  Release our power?!  My power is best kept inside and quietly contained, right?”  ha!

I recently finished reading Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking (find it here).

While the book was rather long and sometimes tedious to read, I found it refreshing to learn more about introverts and the power we have in just being ourselves!

Our world today caters to extroverts – even some colleges and business schools are formulated with the extroverted businessman in mind; in other words, their goal of a successful graduate is an extroverted, loud, forceful adult who they perceive will succeed in the fast-paced world of business.

Apparently over 1/3 of people today claim to be an introvert – so if you think of your immediate family and can’t identify any introverts, it may mean that some of them are working hard to live up to the (supposed) extrovert ideal, which most likely is unnatural for them.

While there are obviously numerous successful extroverts, the good news is this:  you don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed!

You don’t have to become someone you’re not; in fact, if you try to take on extroverted tendencies as an introvert, you may find yourself mentally, emotionally, and even physically exhausted and ill.

If you’re an introvert, I’d encourage you to read this book to assess your traits in a new, positive light.  You may be encouraged to read of other introverts like Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Albert Einstein.

You’ll find freedom to do what makes you happy – if you’re an extrovert, that may mean attending or hosting parties on a regular basis; if you’re an introvert, that may mean the power to decline such invitations occasionally without the guilt of feeling antisocial.

It can be a difficult place to live when one feels the pull of needing to be social and constantly speaking and being around others, while simultaneously feeling pained at being so far removed from their true personality.

While certainly not a blank pass to be a hermit, introverts can have the power to make fewer and more meaningful relationships, quality over quantity, and in those relationships find the fulfillment and socialization they desire in life.

Are you an introvert?  Do you have an introvert in your family?  Especially if your spouse or child is an introvert, you may benefit from reading this book and learning more about how their mind works.  In turn, they can understand how you (if you’re an extrovert) have a physical need for the social scene, and together you can find a balance that works for each of you, all the while honoring the differences in how you were created.

Be powerful!  Make a difference!  Stretch yourself when needed to accomplish what you were designed to do while not compromising who you are based on what someone else has said you should do.

We are individuals.  We have a unique niche to fill; don’t agonize because your niche is different; revel in the fact that your contribution is vital!



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