Introverts Unite…separately…in our own homes

I’m becoming increasingly aware of the social stigma against introverts.  While people or businesses may not overtly state it as such, there is definitely a trend that encourages people to be outgoing, talkative, even loud and assertive, while ignoring or belittling those who are more quiet and introspective.

The old adage of “think before you speak” seems to be something relegated to a history book and not encouraged in modern day living.

There is certainly something to be said for engaging speakers and captivating speeches, but there is also a place, even a need, for quiet.  Oftentimes a retreat, sabbatical, or other time away is found to refresh and energize a person, allowing them to perform their daily tasks at a greater level!

But today, it seems even in the family setting that extroverts are preferred; in a family with a variety of personalities, just as in a work or other social setting, those with louder personalities and more energetic speech will dominate!  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; if each group waited for the introvert to speak conversations may lag or extroverts may become bored.  But it is also essential that we make sure everyone, especially our family and close friends, feel important and that they matter.

I think we could work to improve the outcomes by encouraging introverts to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions when they’re ready!  Ask a question, and then wait for an answer.  Have an outing you want to plan?  Great!  Why not see if the other members already have plans, instead of assuming they are available, or that any plans they may have are unimportant or can easily be re-scheduled.

I think it comes down to valuing others and showing people that they matter!

God made all types, and both introverts and extroverts should be able to be themselves in any kind of social setting without being made to feel uncomfortable ~ while an introvert may not be the center of attention at a party, the extrovert also should not be made to feel overbearing for wanting to share their excitement with their friends either.  However, the extrovert is more likely to make his thoughts known, and the introvert may have something as equally important or more helpful to share, but yet he is easily ignored in the bustle of activity.

Which are you?  Introverted?  Extroverted?  Ambiverted?  Do you love the spotlight or find it exhausting?  Regardless of your preference, I hope you’re able to live true to your self while accepting the differences in others too.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in a corner somewhere reading a book, possibly drinking coffee from a cup like this!


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