Two of my new favorite things!

If you’re around me long at all, you’ll quickly learn that I am a very practical person.  I hate inefficiency and prefer things in my home that have a variety of beneficial uses!  I also like to research so I am confident in my choices, and I’m thrilled to share two of these with you today because I believe they will be a blessing to you!

I recently found two essential oils that have really revamped how I function at home, so I’m excited to share them with you and how they achieved a new “favorite” status in my home!  (Plus, you can get them FREE this month!)   *Remember, all oils are not equal; after much research we get our oils here, as their quality is unsurpassed!*

Have you heard of Cedarwood oil?  You may be familiar with the old cedar chests and the distinct smell they have!  Many people find this scent cozy and inviting; however, even if you don’t (I didn’t at first!), when I started learning about the many benefits of using the cedarwood oil, I have grown to really appreciate this wonderful asset in my home!  (This is very similar to the cedars of Lebanon mentioned in the Bible)  🙂

Cedarwood has been used in medicines for years, and the Egyptians used it in their embalming practices.  It is often used to support healthy hair growth and its immune-supporting properties.  It also is a lymphatic stimulant and has wonderful relaxation properties, which is why I started using it at night with lavender to help me get a deep, fully restorative sleep!  It does this by stimulating the pineal gland, which releases melatonin.  This versatile oil is found in many of the oil blends and personal care products, so you can benefit from Cedarwood in a variety of ways!  Get more ideas for Cedarwood here!

Ready to try it?   🙂

Another oil I have been using a lot lately is Lemongrass.  Now, don’t let that light, airy-sounding name mislead you!  This is one hot, powerful oil!  I highly recommend diluting it for topical application.  I work on a computer a lot, and as such, my wrists have lately been sore and sometimes feel very weak…not good!  I combined 15 drops each of Lemongrass and Panaway (from the premium starter kit!) and also added 2 drops of Helichrysum (another amazing oil) in a 10-ml bottle, and then filled the rest of the bottle with the V-6 carrier oil to dilute it.  I put a roller ball on the top of the bottle for easy application, and then rolled the mixture around my wrists a couple times a day or whenever they felt strained.  Since I’ve been doing that, my wrists feel great and I don’t have the weakness I felt before!  I was so grateful to find this simple help for my joints.

Lemongrass has also been in my diffuser a lot recently too!  The pure, clean scent does wonders for the air quality in our home, especially after days and days of rain!  (And guess what, you can choose the diffuser you want with your set of oils so you can experience this lovely scent too!)  🙂   Lemongrass has historically been used for purification, digestion, to support healthy bladder function, support normal respiratory functions, and reduce fluid retention, among other things!  It is also found in a variety of YL products, so again, many ways to benefit from this versatile oil too!

The information shared above is from my personal experience and the Essential Oil Desk Reference.  You can also go here and find more examples if you’d like!

For one month only (June 2016), I’d like to give you one of these oils totally FREE when you order your premium starter kit through   Click through the prompts to choose the diffuser you want, and instantly qualify for the wholesale discount of 24% off anything else you order now or in the future!  (I’d recommend adding some of the V-6 carrier oil blend to your order so you are able to dilute your oils right away; this helps them last longer as you can use less of the essential oil when you apply it topically; plus, you want to dilute the oils so your body can slowly adjust to the powerful components and avoid any detox symptoms if possible.  🙂   Be sure to send me an email with which oil you’d like me to send you for free!

Better yet, would you like BOTH oils free this month?  For people who are serious about removing the toxins in their homes and living a more chemically-free lifestyle, YL has a special program called Essential Rewards (ER).  ER allows you to slowly integrate more beneficial products into your home, while giving you reduced shipping AND earning points towards free products along the way!  Each month, you choose 50pv (about $50) of items that you’d buy anyway (toothpaste, laundry detergent, vitamins, etc.).  You can choose what you order each month and when the order will process!  You can totally customize it to your preferences.  You then earn 10-20% of your order back in points that you redeem dollar for dollar for FREE items (stop anytime with no penalty)!  We have been so blessed by this program to have many non-toxic items in our home – from toothpaste and mouthwash  to personal care products, to a natural “medicine cabinet” alternative!  I love that you can gain the benefits and rewards from this program simply by making better choices for your family!

What are you waiting for?  Go to and check out the 11 amazing oils in the premium starter kit.  Choose the diffuser you want and add that kit to your cart!  Choose which items you want to get in your ER order (I highly recommend the Ningxia Red juice – check out this video for a great overview on the many benefits this juice provides with just 2-4 oz a day! )  Don’t forget to add some V-6 carrier oil and any other items you need too.

Then shoot me a quick email to let me know your oils and other products are on their way to you, and I’ll get these two additional oils ordered for you completely free!  I can’t wait to hear how much your life will improve as you start making healthier choices!

Once you join our Live With Valor group, you have access to a private FB group, a larger oil-using group at, and a wonderfully supportive community; we’re here to help you find the answers and support you need at the pace you want it!

Please let me know if you have any questions!  I’m so excited to help you on your health and wellness journey!



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