Berry Picking with my Boys!

Do you enjoy picking berries and other fruits at local farms?  We have had non-stop rain here recently, so on a rare warm day with sunshine, I took my sons to a local farm to pick strawberries!

We arrived at the farm and had to wait a few minutes for the tractor to pick us up and take us out to the berry patch.  My 4-yr-old was happily playing in the dirt, in the gravel, and running through the grass.  He kept putting his fingers in his mouth, and I was constantly getting on to him, not wanting to ruin the fun spirit of the day but trying to keep the germs at a minimum!   The tractor arrived, and we headed out to the strawberry patch to pick berries.  This was his first experience picking, and he was a bit unsure of the whole situation!  He started to pick some berries and was enjoying it, when I told him he could eat some berries if he wanted.

His response?  “No way, they need to be washed first!”

I laughed, especially since only moments earlier I had been trying to get him to keep dirt out of his mouth for no good reason, but yet when there were delicious berries to be eaten (granted, some were more dirty than others!) he was appalled at the prospect of an unwashed berry entering his mouth.

Meanwhile, my 2-yr-old was on a roll picking berries off the bushes and eating them, until he realized the ones in my bucket had already been carefully selected and were much more convenient for him to reach!  I ended up pulling the stems off the ones I’d already picked and putting them in his bucket so he could enjoy them that way.  He was quite a pink and red mess by the time we were done!  But after weeks and weeks of rain, and day after day after day of gloomy weather, we all enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air together!  I have good memories of picking berries with my family when I was younger, and I hope today was just the first of many times I get to experience it with my children.

One of my favorites desserts of all-time is strawberry shortcake! I like it made with real shortcake, vanilla ice-cream, lots of juicy berries and a big dollop of whipped cream on top!

Here’s a fun strawberry rhubarb recipe that looks delicious!   I’d love to hear from you if you make it!

I’d like to grow my own berries one day, but we currently live in the city with very little land, so I’ll settle for going to U-pick farms and farmer’s markets for now.  What about you?  Do you pick your own produce?  Do you grow your own?  If you pick strawberries, what’s your favorite thing to do with them?



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