Embracing Mondays

I know, it sounds almost heretical to say, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s common practice and widely encouraged in our society to dread Mondays, to deplore the start of a new week, or to just agonize over a busy work/school/life schedule in general! However, what if we chose to do something different?

What if we could learn to love Mondays? It’s not something that will happen overnight or even be easy to do, but I think it might just be a worthwhile endeavor.

Maybe we could find a special way to celebrate Mondays. To go from hating Mondays, to tolerating them, to finally enjoying and embracing a whole new start to the workweek!

Do you drink coffee? Maybe starting your week with a special creamer or adding something fun like cinnamon or cardamom to your morning drink. No coffee? What about an extra spoonful of local honey in your tea? Or maybe a dash of cocoa powder in your milk (because who doesn’t like chocolate milk?)

Maybe you have a favorite book that has been an encouragement to you; what if you read a chapter or two from it, but saved it just for Mondays? Or if you love reading in general, maybe Mondays would be a day to set aside 20-30 minutes and just lose yourself in a good book?

This is a new idea to me; I’m still mulling over exactly what I’d like my Mondays to look like, and of course, things are subject to change based on the season of life and other requirements of the day! But I think I’d like to find a way to celebrate Mondays. I’d like to get my week started off on a positive note, looking forward to all that can be accomplished.

Will you join me?

What ideas do you have for turning mundane mondays into Magnificent Mondays? I’d love to hear them!

– Hannah

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