Cast Iron Cooking Made Simple!

Have you wanted to cook with cast iron, but the thought of scrubbing a pan till your knuckles bleed deters you? Check out my quick tip below for easy cleanup!

Robert L. Wolke, Ph.D., a professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh noted that when non-stick pans (like Teflon-coated skillets) are heated, the coating on the pans may begin to break down, which can cause toxic gases to be released into your food!

So do we have to decide between eating carcinogenic food or spending hours scrubbing cast iron pans? Not necessarily… 🙂

The next time you go to cook, grab your cast iron skillet with confidence! (Don’t have cast iron yet? You can find cast iron in most home stores and even on Amazon.

Place the pan on the burner and turn on the heat! Let the pan get nice and hot. Then add your butter or other fat you are using (bacon grease, lard, etc.) Let that get hot too, and then add your food to cook! It doesn’t take long to heat up your pan, and this makes clean-up so much easier! We even cook scrambled eggs this way, and I love that I don’t have to scrub the pan or let it soak for a long time after cooking the eggs.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! I hope this helps you use your cast iron pans more often!

– Hannah

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