Water Wow! Say WHAT??

I’m just curious, if you’re a parent of a little one, have you heard of these amazing Water Wow! Books? If not, you seriously must check these out right now! We recently went on a little trip with our family, and these books were lifesavers! There are a few different versions of these Water Wow books. Your boys might prefer this one, while your girls will love this one!

Are you using these neat little things in your home already? If you have preschoolers or young elementary kids, you will LOVE these!

Basically, they use a little paintbrush you fill with water to “paint” the different pages. There are ones with trucks, numbers, letters, etc.; several different varieties. But here’s the best part, once the water dries, it turns back to white, and your child can paint again and again and again!

Or, maybe the best part is that it is all done with WATER and virtually mess-free! It was great to keep these with us and the kids could use them in the car, waiting at a restaurant, or in any other place where we needed them to be occupied and sit still for a bit! They are slim and small, so they fit easily into a purse or diaper bag for convenient, on-the-go fun for your kids!

And they only cost about $5 each, so at that price you can replace them fairly inexpensively after your kids have played with them for several hours.

Do you have a favorite parent and kid-friendly book or toy that your family loves? Please share it with us in the comments below!

– Hannah

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