Spark Joy

Spark Joy!  It sounds like a great slogan, an inspirational theme, and it is!  It is also the name of a book, which is the sequel to a book I shared with you earlier here.  If you haven’t taken a few minutes to read through the first post, I’d recommend checking it out now!

In the first post, I shared briefly about the KonMarie method of tidying up, but there are lots of vague areas and not a whole lot of details given in that book.  In Spark Joy, she comes back to us now with the specifics on how we can arrange our homes to Spark Joy!

If you haven’t read the first book, this one won’t make a whole lot of sense at this time, but once you’ve read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you’ll be excited to check out this second book chock-full of useful tips and practical organizational ideas from how to fold your socks and shirts, to the order in which you hang the clothes in your closet, to ways to store bags, books, photos, and other items we want to keep in our life … things we are choosing to keep because they spark joy!.

Have you ever wondered why you have certain things in your home?  Maybe someone gave you something and you felt obligated to keep it.  Maybe you found a great deal on a particular décor item or an article of clothing, so you scooped it up and brought it home.  However, now that you have this item (or items, let’s be honest!  haha), does the item bring you joy?  Does it make you happy to have this beautiful or functional item?  Do you enjoy using it, wearing it, or looking at it?  Maybe it brings you joy, but you’re not sure just how to display the item to fully appreciate its value or beauty.

Marie gives several diagrams and drawings in her book to help you maximize your space while showcasing the items in your life that bring you joy.

I hope you enjoy this method and see great benefit by including some of the features into your home!

While I’ve never been a hoarder, I do tend to hold on to things “just in case,” and I’m learning now that that only adds clutter and keeps me from appreciating and enjoying the items I’m currently using.

I’m making changes, cleaning out and re-organizing the items in my home that I enjoy and that bring me joy.  In her first book, Marie advises cleaning quickly, but also states that the process will take several months.  It’s still early in 2016, why not commit to implementing this method and seeing how much more calm your holidays are when Christmas rolls around?   Who knows, maybe the focus on fewer things in your life will bring a calmer season all together?

Leave us a comment to let us know if you’re taking on this challenge!  I’d love to hear how a cleaner, more organized home filled with things that bring you joy is improving your life!

– Hannah

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