The Power of the Mind

It has been said that Leaders are Readers.  I agree with that (though perhaps some clarification should be made on exactly what is being read!).
I love learning and have always enjoyed reading.  Though in the last few years much of my reading has revolved around parenting and pregnancy, I’m excited to be expanding my book topics again and getting back into personal growth and leadership books.   I hope to include several books reviews in the upcoming months, and I trust it will be a help and encouragement to you.  Maybe you’ll find a new favorite book or author!
John Maxwell is a popular author on business and personal growth topics.  His books are easy to read, and while many contain similar sentiments and philosophies, I’ve recently been focused on the mind and how what we think truly affects who we are as a person.   I recently read his book Thinking for a Change and really enjoyed it!
Maxwell gets right to the point with the following statements:
“I can control my thoughts.”
“My feelings come from my thoughts.”
“I can control my feelings by controlling my thoughts.”
Wow!  Women tend to be emotional by nature, and how easy it can be to focus on the emotional sway of a conversation, situation, etc. and therefore not make the best decision.  A common problem I’ve noticed in society today is the lack of personal responsibility; the feelings of entitlement and deservedness that so many today think society owes them and therefore, what they do is irrelevant because, in their minds, they are owed something.  Those thoughts, however, are toxic and can ruin a person if not corrected.
I have attempted to fight this mindset in my own home with my young children, especially during the “give-me” mentality of the Christmas season.  I also have come to recognize this philosophy in my own life.   How easy it is to shift the focus for my failures or difficulties on to other people.  And while there are certainly extenuating circumstances, and it’s important to find forgiveness for ourselves (a topic for another post!), it is also important to take the necessary responsibility for our thoughts and actions.
We won’t move forward in life if we’re always looking backwards to find someone on which to lay the blame.
So, what negative thoughts do you have?  What positive thoughts can you use to replace those thoughts, which in turn, will improve how you feel and therefore react?
Take a few minutes to write down a positive thought.  Put it on a paper or 3×5 card where you’ll see it and read it several times a day.  It takes about 21 days to create a new thought pattern, but it is possible to take control, as the scripture says, “bringing every thought into captivity.”
What positive thought will you focus on today?  Comment below; we’d love to hear from you!
– Hannah

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