Fun! (another good “F” word!)

The next F in our journey of leadership is Fun!  It seems odd to include fun as a component of leadership, doesn’t it?  And yet, if life is all about work and earning a living and paying bills….well, that’s hardly a lifestyle I’d want to follow, wouldn’t you agree?   A good leader needs to have fun in their life!

The key is finding the balance in our fun.  It’s important to delegate a portion of your budget, however small, to something that makes you smile!  Whether that’s a cup of coffee with a friend or saving up for the latest tech gadget that is on your must-have list, rewarding yourself with fun items or activities is all part of a balanced life.  Include some friends or family in your fun plans and that’s even better!

I enjoy reading a book while drinking a cup of coffee….usually with a sweet treat too if possible!  I also love playing games and eating with family, or a nice dinner out with my husband.   As an introvert, I also treasure quiet, peaceful places where I can just rest and relax, either with a good book, enjoying the scenery, or even taking a nap!  haha

Leave a comment telling us what fun looks like for you!

– Hannah

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