The Importance of Family

In my last post, we discussed how Faith is crucial to our balance of life, and that if we’re going to Lead with Valor, we need to have a solid foundation!

So let’s continue on that trail.  What about your Family?   To Lead with Valor, you want to have a strong relationship with your family, especially those living in the same household as you, whether they be your parents, siblings, spouse, and/or children!

Whenever different personalities are interacting, conflict is almost inevitable.  What if we challenged ourselves to Lead with Valor by assuming the best in people?  When someone says something sharply or criticizes us, what if we choose to pause before responding?  Simply taking a deep breath and allowing a few seconds of time to pass may diffuse a tough situation or even avoid an argument!  The person may have been serious in their critique; they may have even been right in their negative view of our actions, but if we choose to allow the situation to pass without reacting negatively or speaking loudly and angrily in return, we can avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

On the flip side, what if we avoided saying anything negative for 24 hours!  Do you think you can do it?  Why don’t you try it this week!  Starting now, go the rest of the day without saying anything negative.  I bet some of you could find creative ways to still get your point across, ha! But let’s put forth a good effort at being positive and not criticizing our family members today.  Take it a step further and be positive with all the people with whom you interact: co-workers, people at your gym or those you see while out shopping or eating out, etc.

Bonus points, diffuse a potentially difficult situation by saying something kind and uplifting in return!

How did you choose to Lead with Valor today?  Leave a comment sharing a time when you chose wisely and let us know the results!

– Hannah

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