The Seven “F’s”

We’re excited to have you here at Lead with Valor!   Our goal is that Lead with Valor would encourage, motivate, and inspire you to greatness!  After spending some time with us, we want you to be energized, refreshed, and excited for your future!

It’s hard to lead someone if you’re not going anywhere!  People won’t want to follow you if you’re wandering around aimlessly.  What are your goals in life?  I realize that’s a lofty question requiring a bit of a detailed answer, so let’s break it down.

The Oola guys say there are seven areas of life you need to address in order to find balance, so we’ll use their breakdown to help us get started.








Your faith is the ultimate foundation for the rest of your life.  Where is your faith placed?  Is it in your good deeds, volunteering and helping others, giving money to needy charities and feeding the poor?   Your faith needs to be in something bigger than yourself.  For us, we have chosen to place our faith in Jesus as the Creator of the world and Lord of our universe, we seek to honor Him in our decisions and daily activities.

So what goals do you have for your faith?  Have you been to church recently?  Maybe you were hurt by the actions of some church members in the past and haven’t wanted much to do with a church setting.   Maybe you attend church religiously but have lost the passion or fire in your heart from your conversion.  Maybe you’ve never seen the place for God in your life, but you have a nagging void that draws your attention from time to time.  Maybe you work in a church and are actively involved in ministering to others.  Whatever your position, I challenge you to take some time this week and evaluate your faith.  In WHOM is your faith placed?  Place your faith in Someone who is unchanging, Someone who is worthy of your praise and devotion, and Someone who loves you unconditionally.

With that solid foundation, we will seek to build a strong life so that we may Lead with Valor!

– Hannah

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