The Missing Piece…

One of the first things I want to address is the overall mindset that is needed to have truly productive leadership or personal growth discussions. Over the years, I have read tons of books on leadership, taken many graduate courses on leadership, and attended many leadership training seminars. One thing I have consistently seen missing in all of these settings (and I have been guilty myself) is the proper mindset.

Picture this… You’re sitting in a leadership class or seminar, and the instructor is providing excellent, practical advice on the “do’s and don’ts” of leadership. You look around the room and think, “I’m sure glad Bill is here. He really needs this.” Or maybe you think, “Boy, I wish Sam were here to hear this.”

Have you ever been there? I know I have. And to some extent, if I’m not careful I still find myself having those thoughts. But what’s the problem? Is it not true that “Bill” or “Sam” could actually benefit from the information?

While it very well may be true, the issue is that it turns the focus of the information externally, away from yourself. This is an extremely critical mistake, and it often negates the benefit of the information being received! This is so critical to fully comprehend that I’m going to continue discussing it in the next post. Stay tuned!!

– Chris

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